Crypto Stablecoins

To facilitate financial and commercial transactions with other blockchain assets, for the communities that serves and builds the Toro network, the network also provides support and bridge to other cryptoassets, through crypto stablecoins. the Toro network supports the local fiat token in each of these communities, as well as to other currencies that are frequently utilized for transactions. The is also a focus on admission of nodes from within those communities to ensure members of the network can exchange in and out of the stablecoins to their local fiat equivalents


Each stablecoin is a digital token representative and equivalent of the supported cryptocurrency, within the Toronetwork. Each cyrpo stablecoin token is backed by the actual cryptocurrency in reserve in each of the other cyrptocurrency's blockchain. The bridge is automated by which any amount deposited in the Toro's reserve on that blockchain results in equivalent stablecoins of that cryptoasset, of the same value, on the Toro netork. Similarly, stablecoins of that cryptoasset on the Toronetwork can be withdrawn back to the other blockchain by a user of the network with the address's key. The blockchain stablecoin reserves are transparent, as blockchains typically can be, and its daily balances and reserves are published on the Foundation site, and can be verified on the other blockchain.


Currently Supported Crypto StableCoins


Click each to view transactions on the Explorer in the selected stablecoin



TORO-ETH The ETH-TORO bridge is up and running. View transactions or try this in the Toro wallet


TORO-BNB ... Coming soon...


TORO-BTC ... Coming soon...



To test the bridge, create a wallet address, and use the web client wallet by clicking the Wallet option on the menu, above. Or click here.


(Note that for Ethereum-compatible networks such as the Ethereum Blockchain itself, and the Binance Smart Chain, a Toro foundation project is also currently focused on interoperable integration with these networks beyond the crypto-bridge. With full interoperability, the Toro network contracts can deploy on all three networks and Toro accounts and features can be created on each chain and like shards of each other transact accross each network. To follow that initiative, please visit the Toro Foundation's website technology pages.