Toro Chain Wallets and Exchanges

This page will list all available Toro-compatible wallets. APIs for integrating with the Toro network are made available on the Foundation website, as well as a link from the menu. Any developer or developer group, is able to access these resources and create a Toro-compatible wallet, or add support for Toro tokens and stablecoins on their exchange


As a developer, if you have created a Toro-compatible wallet that you want listed on this page, please contact the Toro foundation sending a link to our resource, and it will be reviewed.


List of Toro-Compatible Wallet Implementations


The Toro Wallet

The Toro Wallet is a web client wallet created for the Toro network. It supports most of the basic user functionality including creating accounts, tranfering tokens, and making payments, for all assets on the network.